Gourmand Cooking & Wine Class in a Tuscan Winery Farm

“Wine makes a symphony of a good meal.” – Fernande Garvin

Our Italian cookery courses are called experiences, because that’s exactly what they are, a chance for you to learn Tuscan cooking guided by our fantastic chef. Use vibrant local food and vegetables among some of the world’s best ingredients for your dishes, many of which you probably won’t ever have smelt or tasted before. Discover delicious wines – Fattoria Svetoni is famous for wines like Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, but there many others that are ‘secrets’ of our production. Get to meet the most fabulous produces around and taste their flavor. Enjoy the pleasure of the table after your preparations.
Immerse yourself in the rhythms and beauty of farm life through Fattoria Svetoni’s Tuscan cookery classes and activities. We would like to offer you an authentic cooking event, set in a real farmhouse located in the heart of Italy surrounded by rolling hills, vineyards and olive trees, and steeped in Etruscan and Medieval history. This is the perfect place to learn about authentic Italian food.
So, if you love Italy … if you love Italian food … if you want a ‘behind the scenes look’ at this wonderful country … and if you’re searching for a fun, relaxing, unique experience… then our farm and winery are for you. You’ll have fun in the kitchen discovering all secrets of Tuscan traditional dishes and learning how to match them with wines. ​We use the highest quality ingredients, sourcing them from local producers who share our values in using only sustainable methods of production and animal care. ​
Upon your arrival we will show you our farm, you will be informed about all the processes that lead to the production of a wine. After the visit you will be introduced to the culinary art. All your work will be rewarded by the pampering of our staff who will serve the dishes you prepared accompanied by our wines.
Duration 5 hours
Price per Person € 119.00
Optional – Before or after this activity, you can decide:
a) of enjoying a Wellness Experience in our Private Spa with a supplement of Euro 39,00 per Person
b) of Swimming and Relaxing in the Pool Area with a supplement of Euro 15,00 per Person

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