Yoga and Wine Tasting at Fattoria Svetoni Winery

Come on, treat yourself to a healthy indulgence at this yoga and wine event. Learn to savor differently, a link between self-connection and discovery of high-class wines of Tuscany, join us for Yoga and Meditation!

Explore the outdoors immersed in the peace of our vineyard, practicing yoga, and then enjoy the visit of the winery with a meal paired with wine tasting. Said activities reveal life’s simple pleasures. Wine tastings can be incredibly mindful experiences. Drinking wine requires our minds to focus on the flavors and feels of the drink. We observe the taste, and then go inward to try to find the right words to accurately describe the wine. Such an experience demands presence, in the same way of a meditation. And let’s not forget about those antioxidants! Together, a yoga session and wine tasting can provide an incredibly healthy indulgence.

Through this experience, we will invite you to a trip in two stages.
• Yoga or Meditation Class with high skilled teacher
• Visit and Lunch/Dinner Wine Tasting in our winery

First, we shall discover meditation together, with a secular introduction and tools adjusted to everyday life, allowing a bigger ability of attendance to what we live. Later, we shall go to a private savor to the winegrower. The first part of the visit will let you discover the life of the vineyard throughout all four seasons. You will learn about the vineyard equipment dating back more than a century ago.
After that, you will be taken on a journey through the winemaking process. Let yourself be guided by the color and perfume of wine in this unique experience. During this fascinating journey you’ll follow every stage of the wine making process, from grape-picking to a bottling.

We shall then establish the link between capacity of attentiveness and full attendance to our senses. We shall better perceive the aromas of the wine, his taste and the subtleties bound to the soil, in order to turn this moment in a valuable one and to be able to apply this ability of attendance to all that we eat, drink and experiment in a general way.

Moreover, we shall better feel our sensations, our perceptions and our emotions, in order to be fully present externally, internally and to take advantage of the experience and what it reveals in us.
We believe that the evolution of wine is a beautiful metaphor for the evolution of the spirit, and that youth is not determined in age, but in a vibrant and balanced spirit.

Join us for a fabulous Experience of Yoga and Meditation in Tuscany!

Duration 5 hours
Price per Person Euro 119,00
Optional – Before or after this activity, you can decide:
a) of enjoying a Wellness Experience in our Private Spa with a supplement of Euro 39,00 per Person
b) of Swimming and Relaxing in the Pool Area with a supplement of Euro 15,00 per Person

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