The magic of the Tuscan vineyard, Trekking, Swimming and Wine Tasting

A wine walk in the Tuscan landscape is an unmissable experience for nature lovers. The breathtaking hike through the beautiful vineyards surrounding our farm, allows you to enjoy the treasures of this land stretched over rolling hills. Here you can smell the fruity aroma of grapes, plants and flowers and fill your eyes with the countryside beauty. Something unique that regenerates spirit and heart. This is the place for people who want to immerse, engage, and connect – with the earth and with the environment and to discover how the grapes are transformed into wine by telling the story and the characteristics of the territory.
Our expert guide will be happy to welcome you and lead you on the path that best suits your wishes, allowing you to realize how beautiful and exciting it is to walk through the vineyard. Back from the walk you’ll enjoy swimming and relaxing in the sun in our pool area, where you will be served an aperitif with Vino Bianco Opera, that will give you the first taste of our production and will predispose you to the guided tour of the winery. You’ll learn all secrets of vine cultivation and wine production, from vineyard to glass, about growing and blending. We’ll show you that our cellar can be compared to a theater in which, rehearsal after rehearsal, the actor manages to give life to his character. Fattoria Svetoni, in fact, meticulously follows the ancient tradition of viticulture, producing wine in full respect of both the vine and the terroir.
This special experience will end in our restaurant where you’ll enjoy a traditional meal matched with the tasting of our wines. Take a seat and treat your taste buds to some of the finest food that Tuscany has to offer; your meal is sure to be a highlight of the tour!
Duration 5 hours
Price per Person € 129.00
The tour includes:
Guided trekking tour
Relax at the pool area with aperitif
Guided tour of the winery
Lunch or dinner with tasting of Fattoria Svetoni wines

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